Tim Tim Tare
Making a difference in the lives
& education of children.

‘Tim Time Tare’ is a life skill program envisioned for creating a transformational change through awareness. It supports students with consistent and comprehensive inputs over a period of time to develop appropriate skills and attitudes that are extremely important in life.

Life skills are a large group of social and interpersonal skills that can help make informed decisions, communicate effectively and develop coping and self-management skills. They promote healthy and productive life.

Students have a huge potential. While regular curriculum equips them with knowledge and hard skills, it does not impart soft skills relating to emotional and social intelligence. These help in dealing with a competitive world.

Tim Time Tare ensures that individuals acquire these skills and continue to develop their knowledge, skills and attitude throughout their life. As a result, they become responsible people and also influence others to be so too.

The objective of this program

Leading Transformational Change Through Awareness

Help adolescents transit successfully from childhood to adulthood by developing healthy social and emotional skills.

Through activities integrated into the programs, it helps them become independent thinkers, good speakers and listeners.

Prepare students to become more responsible and confident adults, enabling them to have a high self-esteem and self-worth.

Make students fit for the real world that will not only help them grow but also contribute to the welfare of their families and the society as responsible citizens.

Equip students with skills that they need to make informed choices and to cope with issues & problems related to the entire spectrum of their survival & well-being.


The framework of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and 10 Life Skills listed by World Health Organization have been used as the basis to develop the curriculum which spans the formative years from the 1st standard to the 12th.

The programme employs Active Participatory learning methodology rather than the standard instructional one using electronic visual and audio learning kit acting as facilitators in High/Higher Secondary schools. For the primary school programme, a detailed user manual that contains games, jingles and activities for the teachers/ facilitators is provided to supplement the teaching-learning process. Also, enriched content with appropriate sing-along songs, role plays, experience sharing and games make the lessons engaging and the learning more meaningful.

Life Skills E Handbooks for Primary in Hindi

Training Video(Hindi) - Himachal

The program follows
a six-phase process of

1 Curriculum Development

2 Curriculum Delivery

3 Program Implementation

4 Reinforcement

5 Impact Assessment

6 Research