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“TTT”  has risen  in the East, surely and certainly.

We have got the letter of implementation from SPD Mr Uma Shankar (IAS), Jharkhand Education Project Council (JEPC) Ranchi. Initially, we shall be covering about 1000 schools including 230 Kasturba schools in the first phase.

On 26 September, 2019, there was a presentation in front of the committee constituted by the SPD in which two people from UNICEF  – Pallavi Shah and Mr Kumud Cvaudhary; two quality coordinators from JCERT( Jharkhand Council for Education and Research), Kirtivas Kumar and Vinay Kumar; and State Co-ordinator Dr Abhinav Kumar were present.

The program was highly appreciated by all the members of the committee, specifically by UNICEF team. They were quite impressed as one slide during the presentation acknowledged the definition of Life Skills as per UNICEF.

We are looking forward to a smooth implementation of TTT in Jharkhand in the best interest of the children!!!

Roonam Kaushik (Sr Manager, Implementation and Reach)
Along with UNICEF Team and Govt Officials of JEPC, Ranchi.

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