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The AF goal is to nourish the students to be true citizens who excel in a diverse and multicultural society. AF endeavours to provide genuine and holistic Life Skills Education in a stress free environment where the students are inculcated with a spirit of enquiry. TTT relay started in Rajasthan in August 2019. The relays started successfully through 11 DIET centres that are connected with all Smart Virtual Classroom schools in 33 districts of Rajasthan.

On 26 September, 2019, a Video Conferencing from DIET Alwar was held in presence of Mr. T.A. Padmanabhan sir, Education Head-AF; and Mr. Dinesh Vyas, Principal Advisor with all the relay centres in Rajasthan for motivation, continuity, suggestions, queries and feedback.

Now the Life Skills Education mission has reached to distant and remote areas in Rajasthan through AF.

We thank Principal Secretary (Education) IAS  Dr. R. Venkteshwaran sir for giving approval, and Director Elementary Education IAS Dr. Omprakash Kasera for issuing order for relay through DIETs . We are also thankful to ERNET India Ltd. for supporting AF by relaying in Rajasthan.

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