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Transforming Child Welfare: Maharashtra State Child Protection Society MSCPS and Aparajitha Join Forces for Life Skills Education

In a significant stride towards enhancing child welfare across Maharashtra, the Maharashtra State Child Protection Society (MSCPS) approved the implementation of the TTT Life Skills program in all the 493 Child Care Institutes, Observation Homes, Special Adoption Centres, Open Shelters, HIV Homes for Boys, and HIV Homes for Girls centres across Maharashtra in May 2024. This initiative aims to catalyze transformative change through heightened awareness and structured interventions.

To ensure the effective rollout of the program, an engaging online Zoom TTT Life Skills training session was conducted in collaboration with MSCPS on June 24, 2024, from 12 pm to 2.30 pm. The training was conducted by Ms. Krishna Patel, Head of the Western Region at Aparajitha Foundations, and had enthusiastic participation from a diverse cohort.

Participants: A total of 323 participants, comprising District Child Protection Officers, Superintendents, wardens, counsellors, and children from government and non-government centers across Maharashtra—Child Care Institutes, Observation Homes, Special Adoption Centers, Open Shelters, HIV Homes for Boys, and HIV Homes for Girls—actively engaged
in the training.

The session commenced with an introduction to Aparajitha Foundations and the TTT Life Skills program, setting the stage for an interactive learning experience. A comprehensive overview of the program's Topic Matrix was followed by a demonstration of One topic-Public Transport and detailed explanation of activities coming in the topic.

Highlighting Impact: The impact of the program was also shared through playing some audio feedbacks of the children from observation home for boys and girls and also Shishugruh to make the participants aware that the tool has been provided to them and how they can bring magical effects by proper utilisation of this tool.

Dr. Abnish Ranjan, Head of the Eastern Region at Aparajitha Foundations, shared insights gleaned from his extensive work with Child Care Institutions (CCIs), emphasizing the program’s role in fostering positive change in children’s lives.

TTT App Overview: Participants were introduced to the TTT App, a digital companion enabling them to upload TTT class photos and share feedback effortlessly, thereby fostering continuous engagement and progress tracking.

Motivational Closing: The session culminated in a motivational address by Mr. Yogesh Jawade, Asst Commissioner Child Development & Program Manager, Child Protection at MSCPS, who passionately articulated the significance of life skills education and TTT program emphasizing how the program will benefit the students and the officials as well. Through compelling examples, he inspired officials to leverage their roles effectively, driving
societal change through their dedicated efforts. Mr.Pradip Patil,Program Officer also participated in the training and encouraged and instructed the participants to implement the TTT program to enhance life skills in the children.

The online Zoom TTT Life Skills training marked a pivotal moment in empowering Maharashtra’s Child Care Institutions, equipping stakeholders with invaluable tools to nurture and empower children across the state. This collaborative effort underscores a steadfast commitment to ensuring the holistic development and well-being of every child under their


Demo Of Public Transport Topic

Intro of Aparajitha Foundation

MSCPS training

Training picture