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Mastering Essential Life Skills: Workshop by the Kallar Reclamation Department and Aparajitha Foundations

A one-day workshop was organized for high and higher secondary school teachers under the Kallar Reclamation Department, focusing on the Thalir Thiran Thittam TTT Life Skills program by Aparajitha Foundations. The event saw active participation from teachers across 60 schools from the Theni, Dindigul, and Madurai districts, along with the Joint Director and other education officials from the department.

The workshop commenced with an insightful introduction to essential life skills outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO). Teachers were equipped with in-depth knowledge necessary for effectively imparting these skills to their students.

Central to the workshop was the Thalir Thiran Lessons, where each life skill was intricately linked to specific educational modules. Teachers received comprehensive training on delivering these lessons, ensuring practical applicability in the classroom.

To foster interactive learning experiences, engaging games related to life skills were integrated into the workshop. Teachers enthusiastically participated, embracing these activities as effective tools for enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes.

Teachers were encouraged to provide valuable feedback on the Thalir Thiran Lessons, essential for refining and optimizing the program’s effectiveness. The session concluded with guidance on registering and utilizing the TTT App developed by Aparajitha Foundation. Many teachers promptly registered their schools, initiating the application’s implementation
to expand the program’s reach and impact.

This workshop not only benefited the attending teachers but also promises to have a cascading effect on the students of the 60 schools represented. By equipping teachers with practical life skills training, the initiative aims to enhance the overall development of students, preparing them to handle various life situations effectively.


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