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Summer Camp 2022 at Madurai

Summer Camp was held in Annainagar Residential Area, Madurai. The camp was for five days from 28th May’22 to 1st June’22.

Children between the age of 5 and 14 participated in it.  Each day the session started with exercises and few yoga asanas followed by the games from our TTT program. Each day games and activities were based on one Life skill covering Life skills such as Cultured Behavior, Communication, Creative Thinking, Problem solving and Teamwork.

The children also enjoyed painting, making clay toys and paper models in groups

The children were very happy at the end of the summer camp as they learnt new skills and also made new friends of different ages. They also gave their feedbacks on how they enjoyed the activities and look forward for more such camps.

Communication Skills –

Problem Solving Activities –

Clay Activities – Creative Thinking –

Creative Thinking, Drawing & Paper Art –

Group Activities –

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