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Launch of TTT in Child Care Institutions and Observation Homes in Delhi and Haryana

As a stepping stone to make the reach of our Life Skill Program to CCIs pan India, TTT was launched in the Child Care Institutions and Juvenile Homes of Haryana and Delhi in April 2022.

Child Care Institution (CCI), commonly known as an orphanage, as defined under the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015, means Children’s Home, Open Shelter, Observation Home, Special Home, Place of Safety, Specialized Adoption Agency and a Fit Facility recognized under the JJ Act for providing care and protection to children, who need such services. Children in conflict with the law are provided residential care and protection in Observation Homes, Special Homes, and Places of Safety.

TTT implementation was started in April’22 with Alipur and Prayas CCI in Delhi . In Haryana it is started from Juvenile home in Ambala district . It will be extending to other CCIs and Juvenile Homes in Delhi and Haryana respectively

Lessons based on Life skills like, Etiquette, Emotions, Creative Thinking, Inter personal relationships have been taught so far . Topics like Respecting others, Charity, Time Management, Avoiding wastage, Peer Pressure,  Barriers, Understanding Parents, Creative Thinking have been  implemented till now.

Children participated enthusiastically and enjoyed the lessons heartily. Children also came forward and gave their feedback of their learnings from the topic. Aparajitha is making efforts to touch and transform the lives of these children with TTT programme

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