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TTT Life Skills Workshop at IITE Teacher Training Institute, Gandhinagar: Unlocking Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

TTT Life Skills Workshop of 2 days was held at IITE (Indian Teacher Training Institute), Gandhinagar, Gujarat on 17/1/24 and 18/1/24. Out of 10 core life skills defined by WHO initially, the sessions were taken on 2 life skills. First day Session was on Creative Thinking and second Day session was on Problem Solving

100 Students of 2nd semester BSc BEd and BA BEd programs participated in the workshop

Our Life Skills Workshop, tailored to recognize Future educators’ requirements and needs, aimed to equip future educators with invaluable tools in Creative Thinking and Problem-solving.

The primary goal of the workshop was to empower students with practical tools and strategies to navigate the challenges of the present world, both in and out of the classroom. Recognizing the significance of creative thinking and effective problem-solving in today’s dynamic world, the workshop sought to instill these crucial life skills in the teaching community.

Workshop Highlights:

Day 1 Creative thinking
Activities on various learning points are designed to engage participants in practical and interactive ways, encouraging them to think creatively, adapt to challenges, and develop a mindset that actively seeks opportunities in every situation. By incorporating these activities into creative thinking workshops, individuals can enhance their ability to approach problems from different angles and cultivate a resilient and inventive mindset.

Day 2 Problem Solving:

Various activities such as Problem Identification Drill: Participants dissected real-world scenarios, mastering the art of precise problem identification. Questioning Techniques Mastery: A dedicated session honing the skill of asking strategic questions to uncover hidden complexities. Reporter Method: It is possible to analyze a problem thoroughly from various angles using the journalist method and asking ‘wh’ questions.Brainstorming: Introduced various brainstorming methods and systematic problem identification for effective solutions—strategic questioning as a tool for insightful problem-solving.

These activities equipped participants with practical skills, fostering a confident and creative approach to tackling challenges both academically and in their future roles as educators.

The feedback collected from the students through Google Forms indicates not only a high level of satisfaction but also a resounding willingness to engage in more such sessions. Students found value in the engagement, participation, and practical aspects incorporated into the learning experience.

  Advertisement method student making a pitch

Krishna Patel Head of Western Region Aparjitha being felicitated by Dr.Jumishree Pathak, Head Skill Department IITE

Reporter Method activity in Problem Solving

Question Raising Activity