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As the schools are closed again due to the 2nd wave of COVID 19  , Himachal Pradesh Education    Department has switched to JioTV App for online education  to the students . 

There are three channels of Himachal on Jio TV Educational Category, those are:

  1. Him Shiksha Higher
  2. Him Shiksha Elementary
  3. Him Shiksha Vocational

Tim Tim Tare is being relayed on all the three channels since 8th March2021

Tim Tim Tare episodes are relayed on all the three channels 24×7 Monday to Friday which totals to 48-50 relays per day

Alcheme(life skills for Juniors)is  relayed on Saturday and Sunday 24×7 ,all 100 episodes of AlcheMe are relayed on all the three channels of Him Shiksha.

Students can even watch the previous episodes of TTT by clicking on the Past Episodes  on each channel.

To sum it up TTT episodes are just a click away at anytime

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