To Support Students in realizing their full potential and have a holistic approach to life by giving them an exposure to skills which are extremely important in life, but not covered by the regular curriculum

Thalir Thiran Thittam

Aparajitha Foundations

Aparajitha Foundations, promoted by the Aparajitha Group of companies, is a charitable trust (Registration No. 463/97) with the objective of supporting the less privileged mainly in terms of education and health. Going by the principle:

"You give a man a fish, you feed him once;
Teach him fishing, you feed him for a life time"

The trust focuses on 'transformational changes' to build a stronger community as against transactional changes which may or may not end in long term benefits to society.

Aparajitha Group

Aparajitha Group has been training executives and staff from non metropolitan areas to make them 'work' ready since 2000. Many of them, regardless of their background, have scaled new peaks in their careers with the right kind of inputs and orientation.

Aparajitha has drawn on its extensive experience in empowering executives and identified and developed modules for life skills which could be imparted even at an early stage in life